Wedding Bells!

 As I sit here writing this introductory piece, I can hear bits and pieces of the ongoing dance practice. For????My wedding!!  It is still an alien feeling to me.I am finding it very hard that the whole marriage thing is actually happening and it is not even a month away!

As the big day approaches I feel numb, thrilled and excited and super emotional with every passing day! I feel great with the fact that I am getting married to the one I want to , the one who keeps me sane in this insane crazy world. On the other hand it is just heartbreaking that I am leaving my parents,  my home, my own comfort zone. They say it is going to be the same, but it is never going to be…I look at my room and think how am I going to take all these to my new home?  I have a habit of collecting junks. I save everything. I have quiz papers from my first class of university, notes, which I preserved to show my kids when they grow up. I have tiny little pieces of memories scattered all over the place how am I going to pack all of them leave?

Can you literally shift everything and move forward? I don’t thing I can…things will be here, as a sign of my presence in this house. My mom says you’re just being passed on. You are not leaving. You will have two places to keep your clothes, how cool is that? Whereas I know, this is a beginning of a very prominent separation, a long lasting one to be precise. I was in the bubble till today, now is the time to burst the bubble and start on my own…the  new life has my man waiting for me of course It is exciting, thrilling and at the same time it just breaks your heart.


In my next pieces, I will be covering more on the wedding details and shopping mayhem!

Till then enjoy the life you are in right now, because takes just a few moments to change it for good!